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truly autonomous future 

Enabling autonomous robotics, everywhere

Vaarst is enabling a truly autonomous cloud-connected future for all marine robotics systems. By delivering a data-driven autonomy solution that can be adapted to any underwater vehicle. Making it possible for every robotic system to start the real-world journey towards complete autonomy.

Stay ahead in
marine robotics

To survive, grow powerful, and stay ahead of the competition, marine companies will need to embrace market-leading autonomy solutions.

Vaarst makes true marine autonomy possible, by empowering robots to see, understand, learn, analyse and predict. Doing so as a fully enabled edge computer and vision solution, that can be directly integrated into the vehicle control system by your own team.







Vaarst enables robotic vehicles to answer key questions: where am I now? what’s around me? And where shall I go next?

The system constantly localises, learns and decides, so that it can accurately position the vehicle in its own surroundings, predict its next move and operate without assistance. These are the key capabilities required to achieve safe autonomous navigation.


With Vaarst technology robots can work as a coordinated fleet. Collaborating together for faster underwater data collection and analysis. All supervised by users from remote locations around the world.

A rapidly accelerating
autonomy roadmap

Taking autonomy to yet another level, Vaarst is integrating live machine learning into its autonomy roadmap. Delivering rapid, on-the-fly, feature detection and analysis, while navigating at close range around complex underwater structures or while mapping the ocean floor in detail.

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