Interpret data faster with our
machine learning platform 

A machine learning platform that vastly reduces analysis time 

Our machine learning platform works in partnership with users to deliver high-quality analysis quicker than ever before. By combining advanced data analysis methods with rapid ML retraining, analysis teams can categorise data rapidly.

human effort in
data analysis

Turn data into knowledge and insight into action with our machine learning platform. Our novel approach is based on expressive image representations and advanced data classifications with rapid ML retraining.


Our ML platform enables you to analyse and QC video or image outputs in a fraction of the time. It provides instant analysis and can also enable historical comparison of datasets.


As well as anomaly detection, our ML platform intelligently groups images, and classifies data that shares similar properties and features in an efficient and robust manner, enabling users to identify trends and potentially recurrent issues.


Once ML analysis has been carried out, a fully classified dataset is stored on our platform. Multiple users can go back any time to the dataset and conduct specific reviews using granular searches, extending the lifetime and usability of reports.

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