How to get
SubSLAM® X2 

Flexible licensing solution 

Enabling your robotic vehicle to become autonomous, intelligent and cloud-connected has never been easier. SubSLAM® X2 is now available, through a straightforward fixed-term 3-year license. Short-term hire rental rates are also available to “try out” the technology or for shorter projects.

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Annual license costs set at 20% of full purchase price

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Options for different depths and feature sets

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Software updates

Free access to ongoing software updates

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Upgrade promise

System upgrade at the end of 3-year term


Free Trial


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Your Text


yearly fee

300m depth rated

Ongoing software updates included 

£9,800 set-up fee (one-off) 

3-year minimum period 




yearly fee

2,000m depth rated

Ongoing software updates included

£9,800 set-up fee (one-off) 

3-year minimum period 

What’s included?

The SubSLAM® X2 intelligent data collection system and accompanying software are included within our 3-year license. With one easy single annual payment each year, you can avoid the capital outlay of upfront purchase.

Access new features 

By licensing SubSLAM® X2 you’ll have the opportunity to benefit from future software modules, with the choice to upgrade the technology features you can access.

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