Live 3D Imaging

Capture dense
3D point clouds

Vaarst’s real-time intelligent data collection system, SubSLAM® X2,
delivers live underwater point cloud data with perfect relative
positioning and sub-millimetre accuracy.

Highly accurate
post processed data


SubSLAM® X2 combines a pair of 4k image sensors to deliver live scaled imagery and 3D models to the highest level of measurement accuracy and precision with no need for additional positioning or scale bars, our relative positioning technology means you know exactly where your underwater vehicle is at all times.

4 x higher data
quality than
competitors with
1″ sensors

Made in Great Britain using the highest quality components – sapphire glass lenses, cutting-edge processors, high resolution image sensors and our own specially designed subsea housings. Our 3D imaging technology can reach depths of up to 2,000m today with deeper models in design.

computer vision
that cuts

Building on recent advancements in computer vision and AI, we built a unique 3D modelling technique that filters out suspended particles to focus on robust feature tracking for more accurate reconstruction.

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How to get

SubSLAM® X2 is available through a straightforward fixed-term 3-year license. Short-term hire rental rates are also available to “try out” the technology or for shorter projects.  

SubSLAM® X2 Pricing

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