High resolution

3D model generation

Sub-millimetre reconstruction accuracy of complex structures

SubSLAM® accurately tracks relative position and orientation without relying on any external sensors. Construction, remediation and metrology projects can take place without the need for COMPATTs or time-intensive LBL array setups. SubSLAM replaces Inertial Navigation Systems or other metrology techniques, completing measurements in a fraction of the time and giving real-time 3D measurements for instant QC.

Flexible project options

Rent, license or buy SubSLAM X2, the first data collection system to deliver millimetre accurate 3D point clouds for live digital reconstructions and autonomous navigation.


Perform asset inspections with greater accuracy, speed and cost-effectiveness. With high-quality 3D representations you can make smarter, more informed decisions to increase the longevity and operational performance of your assets. SubSLAM’s autonomous capabilities allow you to simplify the deployment and operation of underwater robots, while improving data quality and reducing project times.

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SubSLAM X2 Deeper

Take SubSLAM to even deeper waters with the latest model in the range. The only stereo reconstruction solution rated to 6,000m, SubSLAM X2 Deeper meets the needs of the most extreme underwater applications, from deep water installations, to salvage, wreck surveys and marine ecology.

SubSLAM Artificial Intelligence

Ensure you focus on the asset inspection, not measurement probes or marine life. SubSLAM’s in-built AI filters out non-asset data so you continue to get quality reconstructions during general visual inspections that include Cathodic Protection, Flooded Member Detection and marine growth measurements.

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