Advancing collaboration between people and data

With data-driven decisions you can realise intervention early, ensure longevity and, maximise uptime. Our solutions convert data into easy-to-interpret digital twins and, use Machine Learning to create actionable insights about your assets.
Why Vaarst

Battle-hardened in the harshest environments, proven on the toughest datasets

We’ve built Vaarst technology from the ground up, based on our own experiences in industrial data management. Our solutions are born from tough marine conditions and, crafted to meet the needs of other challenging environments. Our products have been developed with care and passion by skilled software and hardware engineers, who combine technical excellence with first-hand knowledge of working in the field.

Harshest Environments

Future-proof your acquired data

Vaarst offers accurate, cost-effective and reliable data delivery, with management and analysis solutions that transform how you use data. Maximise your asset integrity while enabling a future of 3D representations, Machine Learning and autonomous data collection to meet future insight needs.

Future Proof Your Acquired Data Image

Our journey of innovation


Founding idea


First patented technology


Series A funding


First SubSLAM sale


Non-visual inspection


Platform AI deployment


First autonomous monopile inspection


SubSLAM BV certified


Non-contact chain metrologies


AI platform launched


Submarine autonomous multi-session SLAM


Fused sensor SLAM (Sonar & MBES)


Series B funding


SubSLAM Deeper - 6km


World's first AI-enabled autonomous jacket inspection

Powered by a visionary team

Our hardware and software is crafted by people with real passion and skill, encapsulating our philosophy of human and machine working together to deliver exceptional data solutions.

Brian Allen - Vaarst CEO

We have a bias for action

Joe Tidball - Business Unit Director

We care about the natural world

Cate Seale - Head of AI
Luke Weeks - Senior Account Manager
Dave Rutledge

We learn and grow together

Our values

We Have A Bias For Action And Innovation Icon
We have a bias for action and innovation

We Are Reliable
We are reliable

We Care About The Natural World
We care about the natural world

We Learn And Grow Together
We learn and grow together

We Act With With Integrity Kindness And Respect Icon
We act with integrity, kindness and respect

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