SubSLAM is a solution you can trust

Operationally proven over five years and four continents in the most challenging offshore conditions. 

Capture 3D data anytime, anywhere

Install SubSLAM as the primary camera system on your ROV for a “fit and forget” ever-present capability. Capture 3D data opportunistically without needing to return for integration of role-fit equipment, to increase responsiveness and minimise costs of delay.

Vaarst Subslam High Resolution 3d Model Generation Icon

Unparalleled 4K stereo imagery and ultra high resolution, with live and post-processed photogrammetry.

Subslam Deeper
SubSLAM Deeper

Proven to be robust enough to withstand intense pressure down to 6700m with performance unaffected.

Subslam Ai

ML models at the edge give you semantic information in real time, telling you what you’re looking at and where it’s located.

Persistent live reconstructions for complete 3D coverage  

SubSLAM displays a persistent live 3D reconstruction that can be used as a real-time data coverage map. Interrogating the 3D model in real time allows you to verify data coverage and remediate data gaps while you are still on site, avoiding costly return trips and reshoots. Live streaming allows this valuable capability to be accessed by onshore personnel, empowering remote teams to conduct real time quality assurance.  

Persistent Live Reconstructions

Precise contactless measurements 

SubSLAM allows you to take contactless measurements with millimetre precision. Measurement accuracies of 0.1-0.15% have been verified and accredited by Bureau Veritas, for both defect measurements and distance metrology. High-precision 3D reconstructions can be used to reliably take repeated measurements between data collections. You can compare “as built” vs “as found” to confirm installation quality or tooling requirements. Conduct year-on-year difference modelling to understand structural degradation or marine growth accumulation. 

Precision Measurements

Industry-standard data formats 

Export video, stills, point clouds and meshed models in non-proprietary, industry-standard data formats. This provides you with flexibility to easily consume the data in your own toolsets and workflows. Datasets can be exported instantly, without the need for post-processing. Benefit from faster data availability, whilst also reducing data processing touch-time and associated costs.  

Industry Standard Data Formats

Challenges overcome

Vaarst brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from offshore operations into the technical domain. We support all of our customers undertaking challenging projects in the best way possible.

Red Sea Global

SubSLAM supports Red Sea preservation

Vaarst supports underwater ecosystem preservation at Al Wajh Lagoon
Subslam X2 Red Sea Feature


Vaarst’s CEO talks scaling clean tech businesses with HRH Prince William

Leading pioneers in clean tech, including Vaarst’s CEO, Brian Allen, meet HRH Prince William at Sustainable Venture’s County Hall.
Vaarst CEO, Brian Allen, meeting with HRH Prince William


Baseline asset integrity survey of over 50 monopile turbine foundations using Vaarst’s SubSLAM® X2

Rovco, a leading provider of ROV and hydrographic services, contracted by a major energy operator, undertook a baseline asset integrity survey at a newly constructed offshore wind farm in the UK.
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ML Platform for pipeline inspection

Vaarst’s Machine Learning (ML) Platform is a solution to quickly event and QC hours of survey datasets in a fraction of the time and with a higher quality output.

SubSLAM® for visual inspection of mooring chains

A major Oil & Gas operator required a visual inspection of multiple mooring chains to be undertaken, to evaluate the wear of contact points. To do so, a contracted ROV service provider powered by Vaarst technology, SubSLAM® X2, was chosen to undertake the survey and collect the highest quality data possible.
Case Study Oil And Gas Scaled


SubSLAM® for vertical measurements of risers

Rovco, powered by Vaarst technology, was tasked by a leading Oil & Gas major operator to inspect the relative position of vertical conductors, located inside a jacket structure from a depth of approximately 80m to seabed.
Case Study Positioning 2 Scaled

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