Let Vaarst bring your data to life

Develop a deeper understanding of your data, by viewing and exploring rich subsea visualisations of your assets and the seafloor in stunning 3D renders.
Data security

Faster Data
Bring your data to life, faster

Use our enterprise grade processing and machine learning algorithms to analyse and QC data outputs in a fraction of the time.

Smarter Data
Bring your data to life, smarter

Utilise our Data Platform tools to further enhance machine learning models with real-world findings and understanding.

Data Team
Bring data to life, for teams

Easily interrogate asset associated data (events, videos, survey & anomalies reports) through our intuitive web interface.

Realise your use case

Lower your data science overheads and make decisions faster. Leverage our Machine Learning tools and data pipelines to enable non-technical users to interrogate data in ways that could only previously be achieved by data science specialists. By combining your models with Vaarst’s existing capabilities and proprietary datasets you can gain an even greater depth of insight.

Need decisions made at the edge? SubSLAM provides enough compute to simultaneously run Machine Learning packages while simultaneously collecting video and 3D data. Get in touch to find out more.

Vaarst Machine Learing

Enable non-technical users to automate manual work

Looking for similarities across multiple datasets, from different locations and lengthy time periods is a big challenge. Embedded in our Data Platform we have the machine learning tools needed to perform similarity searches across millions of images to ensure a single defect isn’t found across multiple assets, or maybe more importantly, that you can determine if a defect shows up more than once.

Perhaps you need a dataset to train a new machine learning model. Simply find an image that suits your need within the database and find all the images that look similar. Download the millions of relevant images from just a single search and get training.



Self Serve Machine Learning Platform

Intuitive 3D data inspection tool for team collaboration

The Data Platforms embedded 3D data viewer allows you to visualise your assets and associated metadata in 3D. Tasks that would normally take up a significant amount of time trawling through reports and video footage can be done in a fraction of the time. Sharing what are normally large datasets can be done by sending a simple link which speeds up decision making between teams. Layers of metadata can be turned on and off to show you what’s important at the moment.

Upload bathymetric and asset representations to the 3D environment on our data platform to facilitate unified analysis, predictive maintenance, planning, and regulatory compliance.

Intuitive 3d Data Inspection Tool

Challenges overcome

Vaarst brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from offshore operations into the technical domain. We support all of our customers undertaking challenging projects in the best way possible.

Red Sea Global

SubSLAM supports Red Sea preservation

Vaarst supports underwater ecosystem preservation at Al Wajh Lagoon
Subslam X2 Red Sea Feature


Vaarst’s CEO talks scaling clean tech businesses with HRH Prince William

Leading pioneers in clean tech, including Vaarst’s CEO, Brian Allen, meet HRH Prince William at Sustainable Venture’s County Hall.
Vaarst CEO, Brian Allen, meeting with HRH Prince William


Baseline asset integrity survey of over 50 monopile turbine foundations using Vaarst’s SubSLAM® X2

Rovco, a leading provider of ROV and hydrographic services, contracted by a major energy operator, undertook a baseline asset integrity survey at a newly constructed offshore wind farm in the UK.
Galloper Social2 E1626696234964

ML Platform for pipeline inspection

Vaarst’s Machine Learning (ML) Platform is a solution to quickly event and QC hours of survey datasets in a fraction of the time and with a higher quality output.

SubSLAM® for visual inspection of mooring chains

A major Oil & Gas operator required a visual inspection of multiple mooring chains to be undertaken, to evaluate the wear of contact points. To do so, a contracted ROV service provider powered by Vaarst technology, SubSLAM® X2, was chosen to undertake the survey and collect the highest quality data possible.
Case Study Oil And Gas Scaled


SubSLAM® for vertical measurements of risers

Rovco, powered by Vaarst technology, was tasked by a leading Oil & Gas major operator to inspect the relative position of vertical conductors, located inside a jacket structure from a depth of approximately 80m to seabed.
Case Study Positioning 2 Scaled

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