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Why Vaarst


Vaarst understands the challenges of gathering data in harsh, unforgiving environments. Data collection, interpretation and decision-making is tightly coupled to project costs and successful project outcomes.

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Data Platform

Our data platform is the hub for all data types from multiple sources. The easy to navigate interface provides an intuitive and contextual view of your data.

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Data Platform Capabilities

Our machine learning platform combines advanced data analysis with rapid ML retraining, enabling teams to quickly categorise huge quantities of data.

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Data Security

At Vaarst, we prioritise the security and confidentiality of your data, recognising the trust you place in us. Industry best practices are adhered to at all times.


SubSLAM X2 is a multi-functional camera system that simultaneously captures 4K colour video, creates precision 3D spatial reconstructions and positions the robot with sub-mm precision. Advance your understanding of subsea environments, with one sensor, in real time.

Vaarst Subslam X2

Datasets you can trust whether inspecting jacket structures, ship hulls, marine fauna or historical artefacts.

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SubSLAM X2 Capabilities

High resolution 3D models, complete data coverage and accurate reconstructions you can trust.


With an innate knowledge of our technology, who better to deliver our cutting edge solutions than us?

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Project engineering and support

From project conception through to delivery we're here to provide support for our products and tailor solutions to fulfil your requirements.

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Processing, analysis and reporting

Collecting data is just the first step to delivery. We process and interpret collected data into straight-forward, insightful reports.

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Bespoke solutions

Have a challenge that can't be solved by conventional means? We can provide custom solutions for the most difficult requirements.

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