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Born out of a necessity to solve the technical challenges of deploying robots on and under the water.
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Solutions that make collecting, interpreting and using data easier in the marine realm

The marine environment presents many challenges, but that doesn't stop it being a resource that is relied upon by 3 billion people globally. We ease your decision making through better, cheaper and more useful data that helps to solve marine challenges.

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Simply visualising a scene is the first step to making valuable analysis. SubSLAM X2 combines visual and positional data to provide 3D reconstructions for greater insight.

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Our data platform provides a single source of truth for asset data. Home to intuitive machine learning and AI tools that quickly spot trends across multiple datasets.

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With confidence in collected data and the subsequent analysis, you can also be confident with a project's next steps. Collaborate more easily with project partners though our Data Platform.

The Vaarst ecosystem

Our products and services can be utilised individually, entirely or selectively to meet your needs. SubSLAM enables industry-leading 4K and 3D data collection that is no more difficult to use than a video camera. Our data platform provides a single source of truth for asset-based datasets with embedded AI and Machine Learning tools. Future autonomy solutions open up new capabilities for novice users to collect expert-level datasets with minimal effort. Integrate all three together for an exceptionally powerful capability.

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The benefits we bring

We ensure that our partners are able to answer the needs of their business with confidence. Whether you're looking to fit a new component to existing infrastructure, ensure that a piece of critical infrastructure is in good condition, or perform the highest resolution survey possible, we're here to support you.


To get great data out, you need to get great data in. SubSLAM X2 is the first step to making sure you collect all the data you need:

  • Low latency, stereo 4K vision
  • Live Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM)
  • Accurate 3D point cloud while positioning a robot to mm precision
  • Data exports that optimise photogrammetry workflows
  • The subsea eyes & brain for your underwater robot

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Data Platform

Now you’ve got great data, what do you do with it? No more external hard drives cluttering your drawers – use our data platform to:

  • Store data as part of the relevant asset to make finding data easy
  • Adjust access rights so that parties only have access to data when you need them to
  • Leverage straightforward Machine Learning tools to spot trends across multiple assets
  • Review data from SubSLAM and remote robots in real time
  • Analyse and measure your own datasets without the need for expensive third parties

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Vaarst services

It isn’t always clear how to make the best use of new technologies. At Vaarst we’re here to help you leverage as much capability as possible through:

  • Product training for any role within your business
  • Project engineering and support
  • Offshore personnel and Field Engineers
  • Data collection and QC
  • Post-processing, analysis and reporting

Vaarst Support Services

Challenges overcome

Vaarst brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from offshore operations into the technical domain. We support all of our customers undertaking challenging projects in the best way possible.

Red Sea Global

SubSLAM supports Red Sea preservation

Vaarst supports underwater ecosystem preservation at Al Wajh Lagoon
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Vaarst’s CEO talks scaling clean tech businesses with HRH Prince William

Leading pioneers in clean tech, including Vaarst’s CEO, Brian Allen, meet HRH Prince William at Sustainable Venture’s County Hall.
Vaarst CEO, Brian Allen, meeting with HRH Prince William


Baseline asset integrity survey of over 50 monopile turbine foundations using Vaarst’s SubSLAM® X2

Rovco, a leading provider of ROV and hydrographic services, contracted by a major energy operator, undertook a baseline asset integrity survey at a newly constructed offshore wind farm in the UK.
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ML Platform for pipeline inspection

Vaarst’s Machine Learning (ML) Platform is a solution to quickly event and QC hours of survey datasets in a fraction of the time and with a higher quality output.

SubSLAM® for visual inspection of mooring chains

A major Oil & Gas operator required a visual inspection of multiple mooring chains to be undertaken, to evaluate the wear of contact points. To do so, a contracted ROV service provider powered by Vaarst technology, SubSLAM® X2, was chosen to undertake the survey and collect the highest quality data possible.
Case Study Oil And Gas Scaled


SubSLAM® for vertical measurements of risers

Rovco, powered by Vaarst technology, was tasked by a leading Oil & Gas major operator to inspect the relative position of vertical conductors, located inside a jacket structure from a depth of approximately 80m to seabed.
Case Study Positioning 2 Scaled

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Subslam X2 Red Sea Feature
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Vaarst supports underwater ecosystem preservation at Al Wajh Lagoon

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Vaarst CEO, Brian Allen, meeting with HRH Prince William
Vaarst’s CEO, Brian Allen talks scaling clean tech businesses with HRH Prince William

Vaarst's CEO, Brian Allen, recently had the privilege of meeting HRH Prince William at Sustainable Venture's County Hall. It was…

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