Accurate, reliable, insightful data

Improve the performance and
longevity of your industrial assets

Capture future-proofed data by building dynamic, highly accurate 3D reconstructions in real time. Combine multiple data sets, access historical data, and easily collaborate with partners in one central space – Atlas.

Accurate data on demand

Buy or rent SubSLAM X2, the first data collection system to deliver millimetre accurate 3D point clouds for live digital reconstructions and autonomous navigation in real time.

Dynamic, accurate 3D reconstructions in real-time

SubSLAM enables you to perform asset inspection with greater accuracy, speed and cost-effectiveness. With high-quality 3D representations you can make smarter, more informed decisions to increase the longevity and operational performance of your assets. SubSLAM’s autonomy enablement capabilities allow you to reduce risk by removing the need for onsite human involvement, helping to lower costs and carbon footprints through streamlined asset inspections.

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Atlas – The collaborative hub for all live and historical data

Atlas, our secure data platform, creates and stores 3D representations of assets, alongside other data types such as video, images, spreadsheets and PDFs. If you’ve created it, Atlas can store it. You can apply machine learning tags to quickly and easily apply similarity searches. Atlas interacts seamlessly with SubSLAM, receiving point cloud data that can be accessed and reviewed immediately with no data processing required.

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Automatic anomaly and event detection

Deploy deep learning models at the edge, including the ability to integrate your own and third-party models directly at the work location. You can search using metadata – applying machine learning tags to quickly and easily find data again, compare to other datasets and spot trends across multiple assets.

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The future is autonomous robotics

Vaarst makes autonomy in hazardous environments possible by empowering robots to perceive, understand, learn, analyse and predict. This is achieved through tight integration of on-robot edge computing and vision solutions that are specifically designed for your use case.

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