Vaarst supports underwater ecosystem preservation at Al Wajh Lagoon

December 18, 2023 Time to read:  min

We are proud to announce our collaboration with Red Sea Global (RSG), a visionary developer spearheading regenerative tourism projects worldwide. RSG has chosen to pilot SubSLAM, Vaarst’s cutting-edge perception system, to create highly detailed 3D digital reconstructions of Al Wajh Lagoon’s coral reefs and essential habitats.

SubSLAM’s advanced 3D reconstructions and real-time data collection revolutionise the mapping and preservation of underwater ecosystems, marking a pioneering milestone in Saudi Arabia and echoing RSG’s dedication to sustainable tourism.

Vaarst Red Sea Global

This groundbreaking technology enables precise identification and quantification of corals and underwater elements through state-of-the-art 4K sensors. It guides remotely operated vehicles in detailed habitat inspections, facilitating comparisons between current and past imagery to monitor changes and foster biodiversity.

Moreover, this innovation empowers RSG’s scientists, in collaboration with King AbdulAziz University in Jeddah, to swiftly identify and classify marine species, eliminating the need for arduous hours of footage review and reducing the risk of human error due to fatigue.

Our joint proactive approach tackles challenges like coral bleaching and invasive species, ensuring the Red Sea’s mesmerizing beauty and rich diversity endure for visitors to behold.

RSG’s commitment to ocean regeneration is at the heart of their mission for a sustainable future. Their recent Coral Commitment, unveiled during COP28 in Dubai, signifies a significant step towards safeguarding and regenerating corals in the Red Sea and beyond.

Vaarst Red Sea Global

“We are undertaking extensive environmental research of the Red Sea coast, as part of our project we will be carrying out 3D modelling of coral reefs to create digital twins of the subsea environment.

To complete this we required a solution that could be integrated onto a small ROV and produce real-time 3D results to assure us of data coverage before leaving the field.

Vaarst delivered the answer along with onsite training to match our level of intensity. We see Vaarst as a key partner in safeguarding our environment for future generations.”

RSG Senior Manager – Environmental Data

Red Sea Global press release:

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