Latest software release from SubSLAM X2 brings time saving innovations from our AI team

October 17, 2023 Time to read:  min

The latest SubSLAM X2 software release enables our customers to benefit from new time saving innovations from our Artificial Intelligence team. Using the latest in AI and machine learning technology, SubSLAM X2 intelligently detects and masks unwanted objects in the scene. 

With AI Enhanced Tracking, it is now possible to collect 3D data while performing operations that require ROV components to be in view. Combine tasks such as CP/FMD surveys and manipulator work with 3D capture, reducing operation expense and costly vessel hire.

SubSLAM X2 smartly detects mobile marine life, masking them during tracking.No need to wait for marine fauna to disperse, continue 3D capture without adding to operation time.Our AI Enhanced Tracking also detects open water areas, allowing SubSLAM X2 to focus only on the features you want to capture. Export AI segmentation masks to avoid the tedious and time consuming process of cleaning obstructions during photogrammetry.

Gain full coverage of the information you need, intelligently removing the information you don’t with SubSLAM AI Enhanced Tracking.

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