Unparalleled photogrammetry

Accuracy, speed and confidence

SubSLAM X2 is a real-time intelligent data collection system delivering live underwater point clouds that have perfect relative positioning at sub-millimetre accuracy, with simultaneous stereo 4K video capture. Perform asset inspections with greater speed and cost-effectiveness, capturing high-quality 3D representations so you can make smarter, informed decisions.

Highly accurate <1mm
photogrammetry data

Combine visual, sonar and subsurface data to create 3D reconstructions, with proven accuracy and incredible resolution down to 0.5mm. SubSLAM X2 delivers incredible accuracy even in low visibility where video alone simply doesn’t suffice.. Generate 4K video, image stills and 3D data collection of seabed, subsea assets, ship hulls and more, with the ability to reconstruct large models of assets in full colour

Low bandwidth streaming

High bandwidth video data is converted into point cloud, making it faster and easier to transmit through the web. Export meshed models in minutes, not days, with no need for post processing. By sharing real-time data there is no lag or latency when monitoring from onshore. Data can be sent continuously, to any device, anywhere in the world, giving immediate data insight to the teams that need it.

Ultra-high resolution 3D

1-inch 4K sensors provide sharp, crisp videos and images with excellent performance in low light conditions. Extremely tight synchronisation between each camera provides both real-time reconstructions while enabling stereo photogrammetry workflows. No need for scale bars, external positioning sensors or years of know-how to produce incredibly detailed, highly accurate reconstructions of complex environments.

Machine learning at the edge

Run machine learning classifiers at the edge to recognise targets during autonomous path execution, change the plan based on actual conditions, while automatically detecting anomalies to bring real-world, live information into digital twins.

Start benefiting from SubSLAM X2

SubSLAM X2 is available through a straightforward fixed-term three-year licence. You can also test out its capabilities on smaller projects with our short-term hire rental rates. Systems can also be purchased outright.

Our software upgrade programme means you can always access the latest SubSLAM features. Get in touch to find out more.

SubSLAM product range

SubSLAM X2 Deeper

Take SubSLAM to even deeper waters with the latest model in the range. The only stereo reconstruction solution rated to 6,000m.

SubSLAM Artificial Intelligence

Mask and filter out non-asset objects such as marine life and measurement probes.

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