SubSLAM® Accuracy Certified by Bureau Veritas

February 2, 2022 Time to read:  min

We’re delighted to announce that our SubSLAM® technology has been independently verified by Bureau Veritas as delivering sub-millimetre accuracy for live subsea measurement.

SubSLAM® is designed to deliver real-time 3D imaging of subsea assets. Use of SubSLAM® allows businesses to streamline the systems they use to conduct underwater measurement, allowing a reduction in crew sizes, the number of vessels needed and significantly lower costs. This, in turn, leads to a reduction in emissions-intensive processes, making SubSLAM® an environmental game-changer.

To verify the SubSLAM® system’s accuracy, we worked with Bureau Veritas to conduct two separate trials in October 2021. One focused on the system’s close inspection capabilities; demonstrating the accuracy needed to conduct the highly precise measurements, such as those used to assess the condition of chains holding marine assets in situ. The second trial assessed the system’s accuracy at longer distances; needed to support tasks such as the construction and maintenance of pipeline and cable assets.

With SubSLAM® technology now independently verified as the most accurate way to conduct real-time and dynamic underwater measurement, businesses operating subsea assets can now be confident that they can achieve significant time and cost savings without compromising on measurement accuracy.

Brian Allen, founder and CEO said: “These new certifications are another crucial milestone for Vaarst and its SubSLAM® technology, as we continue in our efforts to improve the safety and reduce the costs and environmental impact of the marine industries. We’ve long known that SubSLAM® has the potential to transform the way companies operating subsea assets manage their infrastructure.

Having now been proven to achieve sub-millimetre accuracy and maintain high levels of accuracy at distance, we’re beginning to see more and more applications and use cases become not only commercially viable, but a commercial imperative.

“With businesses able to conduct highly accurate subsea survey work with SubSLAM®-equipped ROVs, without ever having to place human divers in harm’s way, we’re making it easier, faster, cheaper, safer, and far more sustainable to manage and maintain energy infrastructure and realise a net zero economy.”

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